The Ultimate Guide to Dental Braces in Nepal

Whether you have dental braces now or they’re an option you’re considering, here’s a comprehensive guide on what kinds of braces are available in Nepal, what to expect, and how to care for them.

Do your uneven teeth make you unhappy? Or Do you hesitate to smile for photos because you dislike exposing your teeth? Do you find it difficult to chew or digest your food?

Perhaps it’s time to consult an orthodontist. With the right ortho, you can use braces to correct your tooth problems.

For FAQs before obtaining braces, continue reading.

Know more about Veda Dental Clinic and Dental Braces in Nepal.

  1. What Advantages Do Braces Offer?

Braces are frequently suggested by dentists to their patients for a variety of causes.

Aesthetics is one of the most popular justifications. Straight teeth increase self-esteem and confidence.

However, wearing braces might improve your health in more ways than simply your smile.

You can get healthier gums and teeth by brushing and flossing your teeth more easily if they are straight.

You could not be properly chewing your meal if your teeth are out of alignment. Food that is too large to swallow can make digestion challenging. You can eat properly and experience relief from intestinal discomfort once they are straight.

Your gums and jaw muscles become worn out as a result of overbites, underbites, or crossbites. Broken teeth and jaw strain can result from this wear.

Dental Braces in Nepal

2. What Kinds of Braces are There?

Braces come in a variety of designs. Together, you and your orthodontist will decide which is best for your individual requirements.

When you hear the word “braces,” you generally think of metal braces. But Technology advancements enable smaller and less obvious brackets with shorter durations of Treatment and greater Aesthetic value. .

The 5 types of Braces options available in Nepal are

  1. Metal Braces
  2. Ceramic Braces
  3. Self Ligating Braces
  4. Lingual Braces
  5. Clear Aligners

Metal Braces

Advantages – Smaller, More Comfortable, Most effective in attaining movement, Longer gap between appointments, Most affordable, Better Patient Compliance

Disadvantages – Not Aesthetic, More noticeable, Difficult to Maintain, Can lead to Periodontal problems in patients with poor oral hygiene

Ceramic Braces

Advantages – Clear tooth colored, less visible and more Aesthetic looks, More affordable than Aligners

Disadvantages – Bulkier than metal braces, Stain more easily

Self Ligating Braces

Advantages – Door mechanism for moving the teeth faster

Disadvantages – Can be painful during teeth movement phase

Lingual Braces

Advantages – Braces in inner side of teeth, not visible from outside

Disadvantages – Use restricted to certain types of cases, Change in Speech (Lisping) for some time, Possible Trauma or Ulceration to the teeth

Clear Aligners

Advantages – Latest Technology, Clear & Transparent, Almost Invisible, Removable, Easy to Maintain, brush or floss, Less dentist visits

Disadvantages – Limitations as compared to Traditional Braces for treatment of certain Malocclusions, More Expensive

3. How Much Will Braces Cost Me?

Many distinct factors will affect how much braces will cost. Your age, the amount of work required, and the length of your treatment plan will all affect the cost. During your consultation, your orthodontist will be able to give you a cost estimate.

Cost of Dental Braces in Nepal is quite variable. At Veda Dental Clinic, Prices for Dental Braces start from NRs. 50,000 /- as of Mid 2022.

4. Should I make any lifestyle adjustments before getting braces?

Long before getting braces, make the commitment to good dental practices. When your treatment is finished, you’ll have the most stunning smile thanks to doing this.

Only 10% of adults clean their teeth in a method that avoids dental decay, according to a 2012 research. Learn how to avoid frequent toothbrushing blunders. Find out how to floss and brush your teeth while wearing braces.

Once you receive braces, there are several items you won’t be allowed to consume. You will hear about them from your orthodontist, but you may still wish to write them down.

You’ll have to avoid items like sweets, caramel, and ice that are firm or sticky. Your brackets may pop off, and they may even bend wires. Foods that are sticky may become stuck on the wires and be difficult to remove.

Popcorn kernels may become lodged in your teeth or under your braces. Gum edema or inflammation may result from this.

You might want to think twice about playing contact sports while you’re receiving therapy. Your braces may cause mouth, lip, or gum damage from a hard football contact.

If you must play sports, discuss using a mouthguard with your orthodontist.

5. How long will the process of getting braces be?

The length of treatment that is required depends on a variety of variables. The length of the treatment will vary from patient to patient because each has unique dental goals.

Patients who simply require straightforward solutions could only require therapy for a year. Cases involving bite repairs that are more complicated can take significantly longer—nearer to 24 to 30 months.

Don’t let the length of time it takes to receive braces stop you from getting them. Why not make the most of the passing time by smiling more gorgeously?

6. What Tasks Will I Have at Home?

Getting braces involves more than just visiting your orthodontist every few weeks. To ensure that you are getting the finest outcomes, you must exercise due diligence at home.

When brushing your teeth, exercise caution. Cleaning all the surfaces can occasionally be challenging due to brackets.

While receiving orthodontic care, floss threaders will let you continue to floss.

To assist in moving your teeth, your dentist might advise using elastic bands on the brackets. Before leaving the office, you must make sure you know how to put them on.

7. How Frequently Must I Visit the Dentist?

For updates and progress reports, you will occasionally need to visit the Dentist’s office. Your treatment plan will determine how frequently you will be seen. Appointments should be scheduled every four to eight weeks.

Change Your Life, Fix Your Teeth

We, at Veda Dental Clinic can assist you with the best dental advice from best rated dental consultants. All ages of patients can receive orthodontic care from us, and we provide payment plans so that everyone can afford treatment. Our Dental Braces pricing starts from NRs. 50,000 /- as of Mid 2022.

To schedule a free initial consultation with our Orthodontist, Please make an appointment by calling us at 9861825484 or visit our website for online booking.

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